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The Calgary Family Therapy Centre (CFTC) is a small non-profit society located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is an integrated service, training, and research program that specializes in systemic family therapy. Formerly known as the University of Calgary ‘Family Therapy Program,’ the Centre was first established in 1973. Over the years it has become well-known locally, nationally, and internationally as a leading clinical, training, and research facility.


The service component of the CFTC is funded by Alberta Health Services (AHS) to provide outpatient treatment services for the families of children and adolescents who are experiencing mental health difficulties. Approximately 400 to 600 families are involved with the Centre each year. 


The educational and research components of the Centre are supported by volunteers, university faculty members, cost-recovery training activities, grants, and charitable donations. Many of the clinical families are actually seen in therapy by graduate-level interns under close supervision by senior staff and the rest of the team.
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