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A major emphasis is usually placed on working with the family group or ‘system’ rather than with individuals. Special attention is drawn to patterns of interpersonal interaction that might support healing and wellness. The initial task is to define the nature of the presenting concern and clarify how it is embedded in the family system. Thus, all members of the household are usually asked to attend the first interview and each member is encouraged to share his or her view of the problem, as well as his or her ideas about possible solutions. After therapy is started interviews may continue with the whole family or may be arranged for parts of the family system. On average, families in the regular track attend 5 to 8 sessions of about 1.5 hours duration. The time interval between sessions typically varies from one to four weeks.

When the pandemic arrived in Calgary in March 2020, the Centre started offering Internet-based virtual meetings (by videoconferencing). If you are in Alberta, you may ask your therapist to provide online services. You will be instructed to sign an ad-hoc informed consent form ahead of time, as there are some known limitations and other relevant information which we want you to be informed about before you start receiving this form of tele-therapy. While we use a video platform designed to provide secure online care (Microsoft Teams), it is important to know that there is no technology that can be as private as a face-to-face appointment.

The Centre offers 2 alternative streams of family therapy services: a regular track and a limited fast track. We will invite you and your family to help us determine the best alternative for your family. After having called our office requesting services, you will receive an intake call from one of our staff clinicians, who will ask about your current concerns, and will assist you in choosing one of these two tracks. 

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