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Is there a fee?
No, the clinical family therapy services are funded through Alberta Health Services.
Who qualifies for therapy?
Families with children between the ages of 0-18. There is a preference that the child participates in the sessions.
Do I need a referral?
No, families can self-refer for family therapy but they do need a physician referral for psychiatric consultation.
Should everyone in the family attend, even if the issue is about one child only?
Preferably yes, however the therapist can request to see family members individually or in various subgroups.
We are divorced. Does my ex-partner need to give consent for our child to attend?
Yes, we request consent if you have shared custody.
Are you open weekends/evenings?
No, we are daytime hours.
How long are the sessions and how many sessions are there?
The sessions can run from one to two hours and usually there is a limit of 10 sessions.
How confidential is the information?
We use the same protocols as Alberta Health Services. Please visit the AHS website (Disclosure of Information) for more details.
Please click here for Confidentiality Guidelines.
Where can I park?
We have one designated parking stall in front of the building and a few visitor spots available to the general public. You can park along 24th street NW that runs parallel to Crowchild Trail NW or across the street from our building at McMahon Stadium for $5 a day.
What are the therapists/counsellors backgrounds?
All of our therapists specialize in family therapy.
* We are not an urgent care facility. If your family needs immediate help, please go to your nearest hospital or urgent care. Crisis contact numbers are available on our website in the Resources link.
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